But does it make you happy?

The past two years have made a lot of people take a long hard look at their lives and careers. Many people that I know are thinking about career changes to something that will either make them happier, or give them more free time. Some people are being aged out of their careers, but are not ready to leave the work force so they must look for something different.

Everyone in the above listed situations are asking themselves which direction should they move in, and what will make them happy. Happiness is a vastly under rated virtue that has a huge impact on our day to day lives. When making a career change by choice, you have time to plan. When the choice is made for you, planning becomes an immediate need.
A solid cash flow plan for current needs and retirement is a must. Planning can help take the worry of life changes off the table. Meet with someone like me to make sure your next move will make you happy.