This Social Security rule won’t change again- (under the current law).

Because FRA (full retirement age) has been shifting later and later for newly eligible beneficiaries, each new group who has turned 62 in recent years will be forced to wait a little longer to start Social Security checks if they want their standard payment. They’ll also have fewer opportunities to earn delayed retirement credits, which can be earned until 70 for each month you delay claiming benefits after FRA.
But this won’t continue forever. In fact, everyone who turns 62 in 2022 or beyond will have the same FRA.
So for anyone who turns 62 in 2022 or beyond, full retirement age will be 67. These seniors must wait until then to avoid early filing penalties. By contrast, those who turned 62 last year could get their standard benefit at 66 and 10 months, while those who hit this milestone in 2020 were able to claim at 66 and 8 months and not face penalties.

But remember, this is all under the current tax laws – we know those are subject to change.