Spring is in the air – and so is love.Three things to do if you are a newlywed.

We spend a lot of time planning our weddings, where, when, who will be invited, who will be in the wedding party? Then the honeymoon, then real life. Here are a few tips to make the transition from single to married a bit easier.

Put all your cards on the table.
If you don’t already know your spouse’s financial status, or you haven’t shared your own, it’s well past time to have the money talk. Items to discuss are; salaries, current debts, credit scores, and savings habits.

Get specific about your financial goals.
Discuss your short term and long term goals, where you want to live and in what type of house, how many kids you want, when and where you would like to retire. All of these life cycle goals are very important.

Have an emergency fund.
You never know what life will throw at you, but you’re in it together. Now that there’s twice the chance of a job loss, sudden illness or other disaster affecting your balance sheet, you need to make sure you’re using both your incomes to prepare.

As someone who is approaching my 36th wedding anniversary, believe me, these tips matter.