End of January To-Do’s

I know the year has just started, but you want to make sure it starts off in the right direction. Here are some To-Do’s for you to consider implementing before the month is over.
Save More for Retirement
This year you can save more in your workplace 401(k) retirement savings account. The maximum contribution has increased from $18,500 in 2018 to $19,000, so consider increasing the amount you are contributing, making sure you’re saving at least enough to get your employer match.
Consider Rebalancing Your Portfolio
To bring your portfolio back into balance, you may need to shift money from your winning investments into those that are lagging. That will probably require you to take profits in your highest-flying stock funds, which could be a timely move.
Stick to a Budget
Creating a budget is much easier than sticking to a budget, and as a result many attempts at curbing spending fall flat. Set yourself up for success by adding a budget to your financial to-do list this month.
Consider Professional Financial Advice
A financial adviser can help you make sure your finances on track and being managed correctly. But remember that not all financial advisers are created equal.
There are two types: Those who are required to give advice that is in your best interest, and those who are held to a less rigorous standard of being required to recommend “suitable” products and strategies. The former is called a fiduciary and is the preferable way to go to avoid potential conflicts of interest.