Why can’t I get my fence built?

Earlier this year we contracted to have new gates and a complete new fence installed. The gates have been finished since March, one run of the fence was finished in July, and we have no idea when the other two runs of fence will be completed. Why? Here is a bit of what I have found out:
There are a lot of ships sitting at ports waiting to offload their cargo. The cause of the backup, say port officials, is strictly-enforced Covid restrictions at the ports, including those in Asia, as well as unprecedented demand for goods from China, South Korea, and other Asian exporting countries
Another reason is supply. For years, the price of 1,000 board feet of lumber has generally traded in the $200 to $400 range. It’s now well above $1,000. (One board foot is 12x12x1 inches.
The last reason is workers. When the ships were prevented from offloading, dock workers left to find other jobs.
Anyone willing to take bets as to when my fence will be completed?