Resolutions in fall – why not!?!

Most people make their resolutions at the New Year, why wait? As we approach winter, we know there will be a lot you want to spend money on. Why not take the few months before the winter holidays to put some financial resolutions to work. Here are a few tips to get started:

Review Your Spending
I have often said it does not matter what you make, it is how you spend that will bring you financial success. Make a budget and stick to it.

Prepare For Holiday Spending
Take a look at who you want to buy gifts for and set a budget. Think about your holiday entertaining and start looking for deals on food items you can keep frozen until needed as well as paper goods you might need for serving.
Max Out Your 401(k)
If you have not contributed the max, see if your employer will allow you to withhold extra to get there. The fund will go in your pocket vs. that of the IRS.

Take the time you have to plan – you will have a much happier year end.