How often do you check your statements?

Most people do not get paper statements for their bank and credit card accounts anymore. When we got monthly statements, we took a few minutes to review them, now that most accounts are paperless, how often do you check yours?
I make it a habit to pull up my accounts to review the transactions at least twice a month. Recently, there was a report that people that use Amazon Prime were having their accounts hacked. When I looked at my credit card statement after reading that, I was charged for an Uber ride, I do not have an Uber account. I called my credit card company and reported the charge. They refunded and closed that account, I had to wait about a week to get a new card.
Because I have more than one credit card, I was not left unable to charge items, and because I regularly review my accounts, this was the only fraudulent charge processed. Please, review all your statements regularly so nothing slips through, and you do not lose money.