Some financial tricks that will give you a treat!

Here are a few tricks I have advised people to use that will give you the treat of more wealth in the long run.

Give up the expensive daily boutique coffee. Forgoing your $4 latte every day, for example, would save you about $120 a month. A quality coffee machine will allow you to brew a specialty coffee for yourself at home.

Ask for a lower rate on your credit card if you carry a balance. What is the worst that can happen? Things will stay the same, but most people that ask, can get a lower rate.

Ignore your raise in salary or bonus. Put that extra income directly into your pre-tax retirement savings. You got along fine without the extra income, make sure your future is better by saving that income now for the long term.

These are just a few easy tricks you can implement now to make sure you can afford all the treats of a healthy retirement.