If you want to be financially secure, don’t do these things.

Never Live Above Your Means
Live like you make 10% less than you do, stash that extra cash in a bank account that is inconvenient to go to, you will think twice before making a withdrawal.

Never Donate Money over the Phone
Always ask for information from the charity be sent to you via mail, that way you can see if it is legit and do your homework.

Never Shop when you’re Emotional
It is just like eating when you are bored, you over indulge, end up with stuff you don’t really need or may not even like.

Never Buy a New Car — If You Can Help It
I always buy a car that someone else leased and returned. The car will be low mileage, well maintained, still have warranty, and be a good price.

Never Post Money or How Much You Make on Social Media
It is nobody’s business how much you make, and you make yourself a target for a number of unwanted solicitations.