Is it a need or a want?

The New Year is upon us and it is time to think about change. Everyone hates resolutions, so don’t worry, I will not ask you to make of list of things you resolve to change.

I am asking you to think about each item as you purchase throughout the coming year. We all know that everything has gotten very expensive, and many items are not ever available right now. How you spend will have a huge impact on your short and long term financial success.

I would like you to look at each item you plan to buy; I don’t care if it is at the grocery or online, then ask yourself “Do I need this or just want this”? Need of course have to be purchased, wants are another story.

If you are considering purchasing a “want” item, can you pay cash for it? Why do you want it? Will it be detrimental to your financial success?

It is a simple, maybe painful question, but planning for the “want” items vs impulse buying can make you a prudent shopper and help lead to financial success.