How much cash do you have stashed?

We are half way through the worst month in hurricane season, with one month left to go for this year. As we have recently seen, power can be knocked out quickly, but might not be restored quickly. That is why I want to know how much cash you have stashed?

I have always thought it was important to keep cash, real paper money, in our homes, especially during hurricane season. I think having around $3000 in small bills is sufficient to get you out of an emergency situation, some people think $5000 is better. Regardless, you should have cash in $10’s and $20’s in a safe, accessible place in your home for emergencies.

Keep this in mind, if the corner gas station/convenience store is open on generator power, you will be able to buy provisions with cash. Credit cards or debit cards will do you no good as those systems will be down.

Cash is king in an emergency.