Do you want freedom in retirement? If you do these two things, you just will.

Freedom means a lot of things, in retirement it means choice. You can determine what you do with your time whether it is indulging in a hobby, doing charity work, or gardening, the choice is yours.
If you follow these two steps you will maintain the freedom of choice.
Living on a budget:
A budget allows retirees to allocate their dollars to the things that matter most, while ensuring they don’t run short and end up in debt or take too much money out of retirement accounts. Budgeting also allows seniors to spend more purposefully so they can best enjoy their newfound freedom.
Live within your means:
Retirees must ensure they aren’t spending more than they can afford while maintaining a safe withdrawal rate. That means living within their means. It’s a lot easier to get used to spending less than you earn if you start before you actually retire.
These are two points that most people don’t want to deal with. Budgets and spending choices are not fun. Exercising these choices now, will give you freedom in retirement.