Did you see this!?!

For the 38 years that I have been in business, I have always told my clients to pay themselves first. This means taking advantage of retirement accounts from your first paycheck. Deposit funds into your 401k, 403b, or IRA from the beginning of your career. Now congress wants to penalize those who have done so, invested wisely, and seen large growth in their IRA accounts.
The House Ways and Means committee would “require taxpayers to distribute retirement account balances that exceed certain thresholds,” according to the list, which is a draft of ideas lawmakers assemble before formally pitching them in the House or Senate. This proposal would require accounts at $5 million and over to take distributions prior to age 72 to get their balances down to a more “fair” balance. They account for less than a tenth of 1% of the roughly 70 million taxpayers with a traditional or Roth IRA, according to the most recent IRS statistics.
Some Democrats used the report from the Ways and Means Committee as evidence that the rich are using IRAs as a tax shelter rather than an account to build a nest. I thought the IRA was written as a tax shelter to help build a retirement nest – what am I missing?
There have been a lot of tax proposals put out by the administration since the second week of January 2021, nothing has been passed yet. If we open this door, where does it end? Please pay attention to what is being proposed.