Are you single and retired? This is not a dating ad – it is a small list of things you must do for yourself.

Being single in retirement is an issue that is often ignored. Through divorce, death, or never getting married, many retirees are finding themselves alone. Here are a few points you must address to make sure you have a quality retirement.
One of my clients found herself as a young widow, so she began preparing for her own fulfilling retirement by signing up for a thorough physical checkup and medical assessment of any potential chronic diseases based on her family medical history. The only concern that cropped up was high cholesterol and being overweight, so she started eating healthier and eventually lost 50 pounds. Ill health can be the start of the fastest decline, and it’s also the most expensive, she says. “If I’m going to age alone, I’d better get in the best physical shape!”
The same is true of your finances. Like everyone else, you’ll need to figure out how much retirement savings you have and what you most likely will need to enjoy your retirement years.
Financial and legal directives, such as powers of attorney and health care proxies, are the areas most solo retirees worry about the most. Make sure you have these documents in place, that they are current, and you have chosen wisely those who you have named to care for your health and finances.
Single or not, it is very important that you address these issues when you have time and no immediate issues that will force a rash decision about your retirement.