It is time to re-evaluate.

The Presidential election is over, at least I think it is. Now is the time to look at all of the various tax proposals, changes to Medicare and Social Security, and decide if you need to make changes now before any laws are changed.
Will the tax brackets go back to the pre-Trump brackets? Will capitals gains tax go back up? Will you have to pay more in Social Security Tax? All of these changes will impact everyone, no matter what your income level is. There is a proposal to make Medicare mandatory at age 60 vs. the current age 65, what impact will that have on your health care choices?
Granted, these are all just proposals. Depending on what happens with the Senate recount in Georgia, these may all be moot, but they may not.
Meet with your financial professional before the end of the year. If you do not have one, feel free to contact me at


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