Where is your VPN?

I cannot tell you how many people come into my office, log on to their phone and start pulling up all of their financial data. My first question to them is, “What VPN are you using?” They more times than not look at me puzzled.
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a simple piece of software that you can install on almost any device. It will protect your privacy, help you stay safe online, and grant you unrestricted access to the internet.
Most importantly, a VPN will encrypt your data and hide your IP address by creating a private tunnel through the internet.
A VPN allows you to:
Hide your IP address from the websites you visit
Encrypt your browsing traffic
Access geographically-restricted content
Stream or torrent content from other countries
Choose between multiple private server locations
Protect your data on public Wi-Fi networks
There are a number of quality VPN’s you can add to your phone at no cost – my preference is NORD VPN.
How can I help you plan for your future when you are leaving it for the whole world to grab? Protect yourself.


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