It’s fall shopping time!

Throughout this year, I have been telling you when to spend money so you do so wisely. Here are some of the October shopping bargains to take advantage of:
Buy your blue jeans now. Much like the month of October, denim is in a down time between back-to-school shopping and the holiday season. Retailers want to sell off back-to-school denim and make room for the winter trends that will appear on gift lists, so keep your eye out for October deals on jeans.
Looking for a new car? This may be the one time I say it’s ok to not buy used. October is prime time for striking a deal on a new car that happens to be stamped with last year’s date. Auto dealers are eager to make room on their lots for 2020 models.
Lastly, shop off season for bargains. This is most likely the last month when shoppers will see patio furniture, yard tools, and summer-themed decor in stores until next spring. Look for deals on air conditioners, too, and get ready for next summer now, for less.

Spend wisely, then you will be able to save more.


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