Coffee shaming is becoming a real thing and I applaud that.

In 2012 I wrote about the “Latte Factor” and the following is a bit of what I wrote:
If you cut back the premium drinks you buy each week from one a day to 3 a week, you can save $10/week or $520/year. While this small change may not seem like much it does add up.
We are living in a world where not enough money is being saved by all of us. Many people could not even handle a $500 emergency without using a credit card. In the face of coffee shaming, young people usually point to things like student loans and housing prices as the true source of the generation’s instability, not their $100-a-month cold-brew habits.
You have got to put yourself first. Treat your savings account like a monthly bill and make regular deposits. You can even make it a game to pull yourself away from being coffee shamed. Each time you choose not to spend that $3-$5 on a premium coffee, stash that money in an envelope. At the end of the month, you should see a nice stack of bills that you can then deposit for your future.


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