Hurricane season has just started, can you financially weather the storm?

Everyone should have either homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, but what do these insurance policies cover in case of a hurricane? Some of us have dealt with hurricane damage, others have not, and I want to make sure you are prepared as the 2019 hurricane season has just started.
If you live in a hurricane-prone coastal area, your basic homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the structure and contents of your house against fire, lightning, theft and tropical storms that aren’t specifically hurricanes. But once the weather guy speaks the hurricanes name, all bets are off with your basic policy, and that’s where flood insurance and windstorm coverage – or in some states and policies, a hurricane rider, comes into play.
Federal Flood Insurance is in-expensive, you should look into purchasing a policy. As we have seen over the past two years, 100 yr. flood plain maps don’t mean much anymore.
Windstorm insurance covers wind and hail damage from hurricanes, and works in tandem with flood insurance and additional provisions like sewer backup coverage and debris removal coverage to form your homeowner’s insurance policy.
Dwelling coverage covers the structure of your home, your roof and other structures on the property like a fence, deck or pool. Coverage should equal the total rebuild costs of your home or the amount that it would cost to build a brand new home.
Remember that hurricane deductibles are generally higher than with any other type of claim. Your hurricane insurance deductible can be easily located on your policy’s declaration page, which is the monthly or annual invoice for your policy.

Now is the time to review your coverages and make your hurricane plan – don’t wait until one is coming our way.


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