You must Save! Save! and Save!

I know I sound like a broken record as I am always telling you to live below your means and make sure you have cash. This idea of saving a cash lump sum is even more important as you reach retirement.
Putting off saving until retirement is not a good plan.
Many people put off saving for retirement because they want to pay down debt first. Paying off debt is important, but so is saving for retirement
Not saving enough is also a problem.
Many people assume that as long as they’re putting something away for retirement, they’ll be fine. But this fails to plan for inflation and may not end up being enough.
Have a savings goal in mind.
Most people imagine a comfortable retirement but never do the math to figure out how much they’ll actually need to make that happen. When planning for retirement, it’s important to consider things like living costs, medical costs, your desired lifestyle, health insurance and other unexpected expenses. Determine an exact goal for your retirement savings in order to achieve it.

I know, it is not fun, but cash gives you choice and a secure retirement can be fun if you save!


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