I love to buy on sale – part 2!

You know me, I love a bargain. With spring upon us, there are a number of things that are great to buy right now, and some that are not. Here are my favorites:
March is Frozen Food Month, so manufacturers and grocers pump up promotions.
Ski and snowboard season is coming to a close, so take advantage of retailers’ need to clear out old merchandise and make room for the new.
Now that snowbirds have returned and winter travel season is over, it’s time to replace that old suitcase. Consumers will find luggage bargains in March.

Wait to buy these items:
In general, March is not the best time to buy electronics. With the Super Bowl long gone and the holiday rush a distant memory, bargains are scarce on TVs. Buys these in February.
Gym memberships are also a bust in March. Gyms are still packed with clients trying to meet their New Year’s resolutions while getting ready for bathing suit season.
The vacuum industry is well aware that consumers are raring to start spring cleaning in March. Turns out, the best time to score a vacuum deal is November.

So have fun shopping, but if you buy off-season items, you will have more to save for your retirement.


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