Max it out now!

Many people think they cannot afford to max out their 401(k) contributions. Many others do not think about contributing to their own account beyond what their company will match. I am asking you to reconsider these decisions. One way or another, the funds are coming out of your paycheck, either it is going into your 401(k), or it is going to the IRA in the form of payroll tax. Let me suggest a way you can afford to increase your contribution.
By maxing out pre-tax 401(k) savings at $19,000, a dual-income married couple can reduce their taxable income by $38,000. At the 25% tax bracket, that equates to a rough estimate of $9,500 in tax savings. 401(k) investors, of course, will have to pay taxes when they start withdrawing their 401(k) savings at retirement. And, seniors still employed can save $25,000 each.
The bottom line: the more you save in your 401(k), the more you save on your taxes.


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