It’s free and you should take advantage.

My Daughter and Son-in-law are getting ready to buy their first house. Being my Daughter, she is getting her ducks in a row. She called yesterday to ask where she can go to check their credit scores. There are a number of places to do that, but be cautious as not all “free” sites are truly free. Here are a few places to look that I am comfortable with:
Each year you can check your credit for free with the three major credit bureaus at Make sure you are at the site offered through the Federal Government, otherwise it will not be the free site. is another site that is free and I have tested it. The site is comprehensive and private.
Many credit card companies now offer a free credit score with your account. Check your card service to make sure their service is truly free.

Being informed as to your credit rating is important, so know yours before you buy.


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