You are so lucky because you have money.

Occasionally, my position requires me to wear the hat of family counselor. I have a few clients that I am working with right now that are “lucky” to have money that their family members feel should be shared. A few of them are chronically requesting “loans” to pay rent, make a car payment, and various other items. Some of the children or siblings of my “lucky” client feel that cars should be bought for them, or credit card balances should be paid off for them.
My “lucky” clients have worked hard all of their lives, often, more than one job at a time. They have lived below their means, and the money that they have is all that they have. If my clients keep giving to their family members, will these family members care for them when they are broke?
By the way, most of my “lucky” clients have this extra money because they no longer have their parents, siblings, or spouse. Who is the lucky one?


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