Start at the back of the store.

I am in MOB(Mother of the bride) mode, looking for the appropriate outfit for my daughter’s wedding. I waited until after the holidays specifically so I could buy a formal dress on sale. Every store I have gone to, including shoe stores (gotta have the rights shoes), I start in the back of the store where all of the sale items are. I have found some great bargains on formal dresses and shoes. Why do I think you care about this? Because how much you spend may be more important than how much you save.
A huge part of retirement planning is trying to anticipate expenses and emergencies. Through planning, we can get a pretty good handle on the assets that you have accumulated and potential returns from that nest egg, it’s the spending that tends to muck things up. Spending a bit foolishly while you are still working is one thing, there should be time to recover, but in retirement, that recovery time may not exist.
So take it from this MOB, start shopping at the back of the store for a bargain as there may be a bit of saving for a tiny splurge after all.


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