Are you afraid of getting rich?

I have met people in the past that do not know how to handle success. They are more comfortable dealing with the disappointments of life. This can extend to accumulating wealth also. Many people attach guilt to wealth. Are you one of those people?
Money can inspire envy from family members and friends. I see this most often directed to those who are self-employed. We tend to work a bit harder because we have to depend on ourselves completely for what we make and keep.
If you have gone through an adverse financial situation such as bankruptcy or a layoff, you may suffer from being in a prolonged survivor mode. Gaining wealth is the least of your concerns when this happens.
Often, fear breeds confusion, or the other way around. It’s sometimes hard to know who to trust, especially when it comes to money.
Don’t let fear get the best of you. Put together a budget; determine what a need vs. a want is. Stick to your plan and hire a qualified Certified Financial Planner™ Professional®. Don’t be afraid.


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