My Grandfather lived with us most of my life.

He was self sufficient and healthy until just before he passed and  a great addition to our daily family dynamic. Not all families are so lucky when a parent moves in. Generally it is because they can no longer take care of themselves. Here are a few tips for taking care of Mom & Dad:

Know what their needs are. By this I mean, prior to them moving in with you have you been seeing stacks of mail go unopened? Is there sufficient food in the fridge? Are they steady on their feet?

No one wants to lose their independence so pay attention to their frailties. Are they keeping track of money? How are they behind the wheel?

Do they need to move in or do they just need some light help? Many organizations have community care teams that will drive people to Dr. appointments and daily tasks. The roles may be reversing between you as the child and them as the parents, love and patience will make for an easier transition.

2 thoughts on “My Grandfather lived with us most of my life.

  1. Don’t forget about the need to protect them from people who would take advantage of them.