It’s time for resolutions

Peace of mind comes with understanding and being in control of your own financial situation. Whether this need arises during a major life transition such as divorce, or with your everyday finances, we help empower you to make sound financial decisions by providing advice, analysis, and education.

Resolutions need not be big or grand. Baby steps make being financially secure much easier. First take a look at where you stand financially. How much debt do you have? How much are you saving on a regular basis? What big expenses are down the road? Second, you need to put together a plan of action. Here are a couple of steps for you to take:

Pay yourself first. This is a very old idea, but an important one. Pay yourself as you would any other monthly bill. As you see your account balance increase, you will know that you are giving yourself the power of choice. Having cash gives you the power to choose how you spend it. There is no better feeling.

Reduce your consumer debt. If you are only paying the minimum toward this debt – increase the payment. Once your consumer debt is gone, do not charge any more than you can pay off the next month. This takes you back to the previous point- you will now have financial choice.

Start a slush fund for the large expenses that are down the road. If you know that you will need to replace your car in a couple of years, start saving now for the down payment, or maybe even half the value of what you might spend.

Resolutions can be hard to keep, but for 2012, give yourself the peace of mind that comes with financial freedom

One thought on “It’s time for resolutions

  1. thank you for these thoughtful resolutions. I will try to work on my debt with your suggestions.